Erankulam Kshetra Kshema Samithi

Ernakulam Kshetra Kshema Samithi is a registered charitable organisation by the devotees of Ernakulathappan to work selflessly for the total promotion and preservation of the temple and its spiritual& ritual discipline, tradition, culture and rich heritage in association with the Kochi Devaswam Board. Samithi is playing a pivotal role in day today routines of spiritual, ritual and cultural activities, monthly special spiritual, ritual and cultural activities, ritual and cultural activities in connection with special and annual festivals, developmental activities, providing better facilities and amenities with the strict guidance and wholehearted cooperation of Kochi Devaswam Board.

Samithi is fully committed, devoted and dedicated to the complete betterment of a devotee as a whole. Samithi holds annual General body meetings of the members to discuss the financial accounts, other items as per the agenda and to elect the office bearers for the respective term. Samithi is fully indebted to hold transparency, sincerity and honesty as its face with no compromise. The source of revenue of the Samithi is purely depends on the sincere, generous and devotional contributions from the devotees to work out the above said yeomen service without any lapse for the total uplift, promotion, propagation, preservation and maintenance of the temple and its spirituality, rituals, discipline, culture, tradition and rich heritage.

Office Bearers

President P. Rajendra Prasad Ph: 94471 37655
Vice President V.S. Pradeep Ph : 94460 62009
 V.P. Ayyappan Ph : 94460 84203
Secretary Adv.A. Balagopal Ph : 98470 39205
Joint Secretary I.N. Reghu Ph : 94951 93622
 Chandrasekharan K.N Ph : 93886 44546
Treasuer CA Renjith R. Warrier ACA Ph : 98956 10211
General Convenor S.N. Swamy Ph : 98460 11008

Executive Members

Kochi Devaswam Board representative : Biju - Devaswam Officer, Ernakulam Shiva Temple.
K.P. Babau
K.G Venu
Ajith Vasu
K.P.K Menon
Prasanna Kumar
Sunil Narendran